Steadicam has always been John’s most highly prized skill, and he has become well known through not only operating on a huge variety of TV shows, movies, commercials and OBs, but through instructing Steadicam, which he has done for almost ten years, both for the National Film & TV School, and more recently with Tiffen Steadicam. John has even had the privilege to meet the inventor of the Steadicam, Mr Garrett Brown, and been published in several industry magazines with articles about Steadicam and it’s continued evolution.


John E Fry


Director of Photography – Steadicam Operator – Lighting Cameraman – Multicam & Corporate Producer


John has over fifteen years experience as a professional freelance Steadicam Owner Operator & Lighting Cameraman working mainly in feature film, broadcast television, multi-camera OB production and high level corporate videos. John produces and manages all our Multicamera shoots, runs the office and pays the bills!


Over the last few years he has also been Director of Photography on several independent features and TV documentary to the Caribbean, vision mixed live on BBC Springwatch, and filmed the latest two series of Red Dwarf behind the scenes.


John is a qualified ski instructor and has filmed on and off piste for many years. He is a keen Scout leader, which has led him to all parts of Europe and beyond, always with camera in hand. John trained with a renowned Mail on Sunday photographer while studying for his film & TV  degree, so is almost as well versed in stills photographic techniques as he is motion pictures, and has taken wedding photos professionally for over twenty years. This has led to his deep appreciation of lighting, both in stills and on video, and ultimately to him now being offered the role of cinematographer more regularly. Multicamera and outside broadcasting are a particular passion for John, having fallen in love with the whole technical team ethos with the help of a certain Brian Mayor while studying at Bournemouth.


John’s technical knowledge, passion and enthusiasm are hard to beat, and it is difficult to find a production environment in which he is not already very familiar.

RED Epic on EFP Steadicam Operator John Fry

“Absence” on RED Epic with Master Primes

Arri Alexa Steadicam Master Operator John E Fry London

“90 Days to Paris” with Kanye West on Alexa

Steadicam EFP HPX500 John Fry

“The Jogger” on Panasonic HPX500 ENG camera

Red Dwarf Steadicam John Fry Sony FS7 BTS
Strongman Team Steadicam FS7 John Fry

ABOVE:  My third year on Ultimate Strongman for Channel 5


LEFT:  RED DWARF XII behind the scenes

ABOVE: Shooting short “The Perfect Tree” on Alexa Mini with Xeen prime lenses