Here are a few selected credits through the 15 or so years I have operated big rig Steadicams professionally. Many titles are also links to trailers or the full videos, so you can click through and view my work in context.

Stalling Filming Salisbury Sony FS7


2018 – Short thriller drama all shot Steadicam 
4K Sony – dir. Tim Faraday

Steadicam Skullz Movie FS7


2018 – Starring Reid Hillwood, Henry Douthwaite Tim Faraday
4K Sony. TF Films & FRYFILM Productions – dir. Deanna Dewey

Dead Fred Movie John Fry filming FS700 indie film


2018 – Starring Sandra DickinsonJane How & Tim Faraday
4K Sony. TF Films & FRYFILM Productions – dir. Deanna Dewey

Philophobia Steadicam Alexa Mini Anamorphic Lens John Fry


2017 – Starring Harry LloydJames FaulknerKate Isitt 
Alexa Mini. Fablemaze – dir.Guy Davies

Alexa Mini Steadicam Flyer John Fry

The Perfect Tree

2017 – Short Film, Arri Alexa Mini, Xeen Primes
Our own little project to test the Alexa Mini 

Wynters Men Steadicam URSA mini John Fry

The Wynters Men

2017 – Starring Harry CulverhouseJoe Hughes Kiki Darlowe 
URSA 4.6K. Period drama set in the New Forest – dir. Ben Wicks

5 Greedy Bankers Steadicam Ramon Tikaram John Fry

5 Greedy Bankers

2016 – Starring Pippa Haywood & Ramon Tikaram,
Revenge on the bankers could be sweet… dir.Simon Davison

Trepidation Steadicam RED Epic Low mode John Fry


2015 – 20 minute indie film, RED Epic
A tail of jealousy! Dir.Charles Heales

Bollywood Steadicam Operator Alexa Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

Yamla Pagla Deewana II

2013 – Starring  DharmendraSunny Deol & Bobby Deol 
Alexa. Sequel to a top Bollywood movie – dir.Sangeeth Sivan

Harsh Light of Day Steadicam John Fry

The Harsh Light of Day

2012 – Starring Dan RichardsonGiles Alderson
Vampires in the UK! Dir.Oliver S. Milburn

Any Minute Now

2013 – Indie Feature starring Mhairi Calvey & Ryan Spong

Devils Avalanche Films – dir. Peter Goddard


2010 – 12 minute one single long take gritty drama film!
Dir. Konstantin Mousoulis 


2016 – Behind the Scenes documentary & promo items
Baby Cow / Grant Naylor – Nathan Cubitt

Strongman Team Steadicam FS7 John Fry

Ultimate Strongest Team / Summermania

2015 – 2018: 6 ENG cameras, Steadicam, Jib, VTs, OB Unit, 8 crew
Ultimate Strongman Productions

Steadicam British Travel Awards 2017 MadeTV John Fry

British Travel Awards 2015-17

2017 – As live recording for broadcast, Sony FS7
MADE TV – Mark O’Brien  BTS Video Here!

Xander & The Keys – ‘Roll on Thunder’

2016 – Studio and on location, Sony Log
Symphony Digital Media – dir. Steve Connor

Small Change Steadicam London URSA mini

Warren Wentworth – ‘Small Change’

2016 – Drama music video shot around London, URSA Mini
Shoreditch Pictures – dir. Ben Wicks

Arri Alexa Steadicam Master Operator John E Fry London

60 Days to Paris – Kanye West

2013 – Alexa, ill fated documentary
Luti Media – dir. Jason Last

Steadicam Quad quadbike EFP Last Leg soft mount John Fry

The Last Leg

2014 – Feature segment for the C4 show
Channel 4 / Open Mic

Steadicam BBC Springwatch John Fry HPX2300

BBC Springwatch

2013 – Steadicam for feature & Interview with me!

Kyla La Grange – “Vampire Smile”

2012 – Steadicam through the nighttime woods 
De La Meurte Films

Sink the Pink Steadicam FS7 John Fry

Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ at the O2 Academy

2018 – Promo. Sony FS7 4K 
Sink The Pink – dir. Samuel Douek

Farnborough Michael Underwood Steadicam John Fry FS7

Farnborough Airshow Promo Series

2017 – 4K Sony FS7, with CBBC’s Michael Underwood
Ouno Creative – dir. Adrian Broadway

Bohringer Ingleheim Conference

2018 – Steadicam insert film. Sony FS7 4K 
UKSV – dir. Steve Connor

Farnborough Airshow Steadicam Operator Interview

Farnborough Airshow 2012 – 2016

Official Video Team Steadicam covering the whole show
with Ouno Creative 

Cornwall In My Bones

2014 – Steadicam one-take poetry film promo
Cornwall Tourism

Ferrari 250 GTO feature

2015. Iconic car! Promo for an E-book with video content
Monza Books 

Gardner Aerospace Promo

2014 – Corporate film shot all over Europe! Sony 4K 
Ouno Creative – dir. Simon Pipe

Farnborough Airshow Steadicam Operator Interview

Manthorpe Engineering

Another snazzy aerospace promo film with Steadicam!
Ouno Creative – Dir. Steve Connor

‘Our Values’ – Flexforce

2018 – A corporate video about their company valeus, 4K 
FRYFILM – dir. Tom Hylands

“Spit of a Common Man” – DoP

2018 – Short Feature based on World War I trench story. 4K Sony

Square Peg Films / FRYFILM

“Stalling” – DoP 

2018 – Short comedy drama set in Salisbury 
4K Sony – dir. Colin Burden

Jaguar Land Rover Senior Leadership

2018 – Sony FS7 + a6300 on gimbal, conference highlights film 

“A Blessed Act of Oblivion” DoP

2018 – Phycological drama set in the New Forest
Square Peg Films / FRYFILM – Dir. Tim Faraday

Bohringer Ingleheim Conferences

2016 – 2018 – Sony FS7 + a6300 on gimbal, highlights film + 3 crew
UKSV, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and London

IBM Conference Madrid

2018 – Sony FS7 & FS700 interviews & event coverage
UKSV – Dir. Steve Connor

Acavallo Gel Pad Commercial – DoP

2018 – Cinematic promo with champion jumper Scott Brash
LeMeiux / Horse Health

Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich Return! 

2018 – Promo for the reformed 60’s popstars!
FRYFILM Productions

IBM Watson Case Study Films

2018 – Various shoots around the UK and beyond
UKSV – dir. Steve Connor

Andorra Ski Resort Promo 

2018 – Lead Cameraman & Editor
Andorra Travel Service / FRYFILM Productions

History Festival Celebrities

Everyone from Joanna Lumley to Boris Johnson!
Chalke Valley History Festival – FRYFILM 

Tiffen Silver Steadicam Workshop UK 2017

Here’s me, Robin & Danny with our students on one of the Steadicam Workshops & short courses I have helped teach.


This was for Tiffen in 2017, and I have been instructing Steadicam for almost ten years through Rock Steadi Pictures and the National Film & Television School (NFTS).


Check out pictures from other courses I’ve taught on here: