Steadicam Systems for all weights of Camera setups

Over the years I have owned and operated many of the classic and current Steadicam systems. At present I have Archer and Flyer LE sleds, with a choice of arms and vests depending on the shoot. Both have been upgraded by my team to improve dynamic balance, power distribution, HD signal strength and versatility.

Steadicam Archer Sony FS7

Steadicam Archer SE HD, with Sony PXW-FS7, Sigma f1.8 lens, Chrosziel mattebox & Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q monitor & backup recorder.

Steadicam Archer SE HD


This is a superb medium weight Steadicam system, capable of smaller cameras like Sony PMW200s and EX3s, right up to broadcast cameras like PMW350 & 500s, and even digital film heads like my Sony FS7, RED cameras, Arri Alexa Minis and even stripped down full size Alexas!


The Archer has two HD video lines, multiple power options, the superb Tiffen tilt head, and 1.5″ post & gimbal which are soon to be Steadicam Volt ready!

Steadicam Flyer LE HD


The Flyer LE is one of the most versatile and under-appreciated Steadicam models ever, in my opinion! I’ve flown everything from DSLRs to Alexa Minis on it, upgraded it’s lower junction box to passthrough HDSDI (and even a strong 4K signal!) plus offer a handy universal XLR4 power output on the base. The Flyers has been my favourite rig for ten years, and although not as snazzy as the Archer, is a perfect, simple, lightweight yet fully featured Steadicam system.

Arri Alexa Mini on Steadicam Flyer LE Xeen Lens

Steadicam Flyer LE HD with Arri Alexa Mini, Xeen lens, Chrosziel mattebox & Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q monitor & backup recorder.

Other Accessories:

  • Chrosziel mattebox and remote follow focus systems
  • Paralinx wireless HD video link kit
  • Atomos Shogun Blade bright monitor/recorder
  • Sony FS7, EX3 and FS700 cameras
Steadicam Arms & Vests