Warren Wentworth “Small Change”

Warren Wentworth “Small Change”

Music Video directed by Ben Wicks, lots of nice Steadicam by John E Fry

About this project

Hiking around central London wearing a Steadicam can be a tiring experience, so luckily the URSA Mini camera setup on this music video meant I could use my small rig, the Steadicam Flyer LE, which is a lot lighter to lug around. We shot the story elements all around the capital, a bit guerilla style, and I think got some quite iconic shots for this thoughtful track. All the scenes inside the music venue were also in London, and we had a great space to work in and fly the Steadicam around, both for the performance shots and narrative elements. A small but brilliant crew and always a pleasure to work with director Ben Wicks.


Shoreditch Pictures