The Steadicam Database

The Steadicam® Database

by John E Fry

Here are almost all the official models of Steadicam ever produced under licence from Garrett Brown, first by Cinema Products & latterly by Tiffen.
There are a couple missing, mainly because I have yet to find a decent picture, enough information on them or they are too similar to another to add to the table. So if you have any more details, corrections or additions to the info here please do drop me an email and I will add it below.

You can SCROLL RIGHT along the table using your mouse or arrow buttons, or reorder any row to easily compare features. Hope this is useful and if you have any suggestions to make it more so please get in touch!

LicenceeModelSled PictureVersionsYear IntroducedPrice on release USDArm SuppliedArm Post SizeArm LiftCentre Post Size x SectionsMin Cam Weight lbMin Cam Weight kgMax Cam Weight lbMax Cam Weight kgVideo LinesNo tools SledSled Weight w/o camera lbSled Weight w/o camera kgArm Weight lbArm Weight kgStage Power ConnectorsBase Power ConnectorsCentre Post LengthsSupplied VestSpecial Features / OptionsModel BrochureManualVersion Name
TiffenM1Steadicam-M1-SledM12014$45,000G70x.740 (3/4")701.75" x 3201048223 HDYesExovestModular designSteadicam M1 ManualM1
TiffenUltra 2Ultra 22006$48,000G70.740 (3/4")701.58" x 4201048222 HDYes221028-72in / 71-183cmUltraTilt Stage, FLGSteadicam Ultra 2 BrochureSteadicam Ultra 2 Shadow StageUltra 2
TiffenUltra 2Ultra 2c / Cine2009$48,000G70.740 (3/4")701.58" x 4201048222 HDYes221028-72in / 71-183cmUltraMotorised Stage, FLGSteadicam Ultra 2 BrochureSteadicam Ultra 2 Shadow StageUltra 2c / Cine
Cinema ProductsUltraSteadicam Ultra 1Ultra2000$46,000Ultra.740 (3/4")701.58" x 4201048221 HDYes23.5115.128-72in / 71-183cmUltraTilt Stage, FLGSteadicam Ultra Manual pt1Ultra
TiffenVectorSteadicam Vector SledVector CN / EL / 122005$45,000Master.740 (3/4")701.58" x 3201045222 SDYes2310.45.1MasterSteadicam Vector BrochureVector CN / EL / 12
Cinema ProductsMasterMaster Steadicam SledMaster Film1994$48,000Master.740 (3/4")701.58" x 2201048222 SDYes2310.45.11 x big Lemo + 1 x small LemoHiroseMasterMotorised Stage, FLGSteadicam Letter Master SeriesMaster Film
Cinema ProductsMasterMaster Steadicam SledMaster EDTV / Elite1994$46,000Master.740 (3/4")701.58" x 2201048222 SDYes22.510.25.11 x big Lemo + 1 x small LemoHiroseMasterFLGSteadicam Letter Master SeriesMaster EDTV / Elite
Cinema ProductsMasterMaster Steadicam SledMaster Broadcast1994$45,000Master.740 (3/4")551.58" x 2188.235162 SDYes20.59.35.11 x big Lemo + 1 x small LemoHiroseMasterFLGSteadicam Letter Master SeriesMaster Broadcast
Cinema ProductsModel IIIAModel IIIA1989Model IIIA .625 (5/8")701.5" x 2201048221 SDNo198.6Model IIIModel IIIA
Cinema ProductsModel IIISteadicam Model 3 SledModel III1983Model III .625 (5/8")701.5" x 2201048221 SDNo188.2Model IIIModel III
TiffenShadowSteadicam Shadow SledShadow / V2010$43,000G70x.740 (3/4")701.58" x 2201048223 HDYes13625" - 38"UltraTilt Stage, FLGSteadicam Shadow BrochureSteadicam Shadow ManualShadow V
TiffenShadowSteadicam Shadow SledShadow 50 / 50V2015$38,000G50x.740 (3/4")501.58" x 2201048222 HDYes13625" - 38"Ultra LXTilt Stage, FLGSteadicam Shadow BrochureSteadicam Shadow ManualShadow 50 / 50V
TiffenClipperSteadicam Clipper SledClipper 312 / 3242008$51,000G50.495 (1/2")501.58" x 3104.535162 HDYes26-49in / 66-124.5cmLXSteadicam Clipper312-324 BrochureSteadicam Clipper 312 324 ManualClipper 312 / 324
TiffenClipperSteadicam Clipper SledClipper / 22004$36,000ProVid / G50.495 (1/2")501.58" x 315826122 SDYes26-49in / 66-124.5cmProVidSteadicam Clipper312-324 BrochureSteadicam Clipper 312 324 ManualClipper
Cinema ProductsEFPSteadicam EFP SledEFP1989EFP .625 (5/8")501.5" x 216835161 SDNo1364.54 pin Hirose + XLR44 pin Hirose + XLR 4EFPSteadicam EFP ManualEFP
TiffenArcher 2Steadicam Archer 2 SledArcher 2S / 2SE2010$30,000G50x.495 (1/2")501.5" x 2104.53013.62 HDYes23-35.5in / 58-90cmLXMotorised StageSteadicam Archer 2 BrochureSteadicam Archer2 ManualArcher 2S / 2SE
TiffenArcher 2Steadicam Archer 2 SledArcher 22010$28,000G50.495 (1/2")501.5" x 2104.52611.82 HDYes23-35.5in / 58-90cmLXTilt StageSteadicam Archer 2 BrochureSteadicam Archer2 ManualArcher 2
TiffenArcherSteadicam Archer 1 SledArcher / SE2006$25,000G40 / G50.495 (1/2")501.5" x 28420132 SDYes23-35.5in / 58-90cmLXTilt StageSteadicam Archer BrochureSteadicam Archer ManualArcher
TiffenZephyrSteadicam Zephyr SledZephyr / V2012$10,000Zephyr.495 (1/2")301.5" x 2942310.41 SDYesZephyrZephyr ManualZephyr / V
Cinema ProductsProVidSteadicam ProVid SledProVid1991ProVid.495 (1/2")251.5" x 292.1198.61 SDYesProVidProVid 1 / ProVid 2
Cinema ProductsProVid 2Steadicam ProVid 2 SledProVid 21998ProVid.495 (1/2")251.5" x 292.1198.61 SDYesProVidProVid 1 / ProVid 2
Cinema ProductsSKSK 11992$8,000SK.495 (1/2")201.5" x 194198.61 SDNoSKSteadicam Sk2 BrochureSK
TiffenSK 2SK 22003$8,000SK.495 (1/2")201.5" x 194198.61 SDNoSKSteadicam Sk2 BrochureSK 2
TiffenFlyer LESteadicam Flyer SledFlyer LE / SE / HD2008$12,000Flyer.495 (1/2")250.5" x 242.1198.61 SDNo12.65.73.63 pin LemoMiniDinFlyerSteadicam Flyer LE BrochureSteadicam Flyer LE ManualFlyer LE
TiffenFlyerSteadicam Flyer SledFlyer / 24 / 24SE2005$12,000Flyer.495 (1/2")200.5" x 242.1156.81 SDNo12.65.73.63 pin LemoMiniDinFlyerSteadicam Flyer ManualFlyer / 24 / 24SE
TiffenAeroSteadicam Aero SledAero 302016$5,500A30.495 (1/2")300.5" x 2942310.41 HDYesZephyrSteadicam Aero ManualAero 30
TiffenAeroSteadicam Aero SledAero 152016$3,200A15.495 (1/2")150.5" x 242.1156.81 HDYes1st January 1970ZephyrSteadicam Aero ManualAero 15
TiffenScoutScout SD / HD2010$5,500Scout.495 (1/2")200.5" x 252.31881 HDYesFlyerScout SD / HD
Cinema ProductsMiniMini1999$5,500Mini.495 (1/2")150.5" x 242.1156.81 SDYesMiniColour LCD, same as DVSteadicam Mini BrochureMini
TiffenPilotSteadicam Pilot SledPilot2007$2,500Pilot.495 (1/2")150.5" x 220.9104.51 SDNoPilotPilot
TiffenMerlinArm & Vest2007$700Merlin.3 (1/3")5n/a0. & Vest attachment for MerlinSteadicam Merlin ManualArm & Vest
TiffenMerlinMerlin 1 / 22005$300n/a.3 (1/3")0n/a0.50.252.3n/aYes1.5n/aMore rigid and compact than DV or JR. no monitorSteadicam Merlin ManualMerlin 1 / 2
Cinema ProductsDVDV / with arm & vest1998$1400DV.3 (1/3")5n/a0.50.252.31 SDYes2n/aColour LCD monitorDV / with arm & vest
Cinema ProductsJRJR / JR Lite1989$300n/a0n/a0.50.252.31 SDYes2n/aHandheld with BW LCD monitorSteadicam JR ManualJR / JR Lite

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Information is only as useful as it is accurate and complete, so if you have any corrections or additions to my little database please get in touch.


All information has been found through personal endeavour & experience, online or from books. Many thanks to James Elias, Jerry Holway and the many other Steadicam Operators who have helped, contributed and corrected!

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Compiled by John E Fry, please credit where appropriate. A & OE.

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